27.1. Tā. Sīn. These are the Revelations of the Qur'ān, (and) a Book clear in itself and clearly showing the truth;

طس تِلْكَ آيَاتُ الْقُرْآنِ وَكِتَابٍ مُّبِينٍ

1. Tā. Sīn. These are the Revelations of the Qur'ān, (and) a Book clear in itself and clearly showing the truth;1


Makkah Period

Revealed in the middle Makkan period, this sūrah has 93 verses, and derives its name from the word al-naml (the ant) in verse 18. It emphasizes that only those who accept the truths expounded in the Qur'ān and order their lives according to God's commandments can truly benefit from this Revelation. One of the basic obstacles to adopting the way of the Qur'ān is the denial of the Hereafter, which usually makes one irresponsible and a slave to one's carnal desires. This sūrah gives examples from history of those who stubbornly resisted God's Message and those who accepted it – the Prophet Solomon, upon him be peace, and the Queen of Sheba, even though they were the most powerful rulers of their time. It expounds many truths that prove God's Oneness and the Hereafter and, through a number of questions, it establishes the falsehood of polytheism.

1. The Qur'ān mentions a Manifest Record (36: 12), and in several of its verses (such as 6: 59, 10: 61, and 11: 6) refers to a Manifest Book (for explanations of both, see 6: 59, note 13; 13: 39, note 13; 17: 14, note 10). In several other verses (5: 11; 12: 1; 26: 2; 28: 2), it refers to a Book clear in itself and which clearly shows the truth.

The Manifest Record is the Original Register which comprises the originals of everything to come into existence and every event to happen, in the Divine Knowledge, together with the causes and laws to accompany them. As for the Manifest Book, it is the Book of Creation manifesting whatever of the Manifest Record or the Original Register which the Divine Will wants to bring into the realm of creation, and in which everything in creation, down to the sayings and deeds of every human being and jinn, is being recorded. It may be said that the Qur'ān, which is referred to as the Book clear in itself and which clearly shows the truth, is identical with the Manifest Record with respect to the eternal existence of both in God's Knowledge, and with the Manifest Book with respect to their existence in the realm of creation. However, the Qur'ān is also different from both. It is different from the Manifest Record with respect to the fact that while the Manifest Record exists in the Divine Knowledge or is even identical with It in one respect, the Qur'ān is also related with the Divine Speech. As for its difference from the Manifest Book, the Qur'ān issues or has been revealed from God's Attribute of Speech, and is a Book which is read and stored in writing, whereas, the Manifest Book is the Book of Creation that emanates from the Divine Attributes of Will and Power. (God knows best.)