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50.13. And the ‘Ād, and the Pharaoh; and the people among whom Lot was sent as Messenger; Print E-mail

وَعَادٌ وَفِرْعَوْنُ وَإِخْوَانُ لُوطٍ

13. And the ‘Ād, and the Pharaoh;3 and the people among whom Lot was sent as Messenger;4

3. The verse mentions the Pharaoh alone, without any reference to his aristocracy or his people. This is because as a dictator the Pharaoh was responsible for their denial and was almost as sinful as all of them put together.

4. The original of this sentence is the brothers of Lot. In many verses, the Qur'ān presents the Messengers as brothers of their people because each was chosen from among his people and, therefore, was of the same race as them and spoke the same language. Stressing this point here for Lot, upon him be peace, and his people is to remind us that any relationship with a Messenger that is not based on faith can never save one from perishing unless one believes.

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