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Sources Of The Qur'an
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Rahmanan (RHMNN) - An Ancient South Arabian Moon God? 7606
Is Hubal The Same As Allah? 10961
Abdullah Ibn Sad Ibn Abi Sarh: Where Is the Truth? 7244
Reply To Robert Morey's Moon-God Allah Myth: A Look At The Archaeological Evidence 6038
The Word Allah In The Arabic Bible 7136
Problem Of The Parallels 5014
Arda Wiraz Namag (Iranian "Divina Commedia") And The Prophet's Night Journey 4268
Midrash Numbers Rabbah & Haman In The Qur'an 4771
The Story Of Abraham And Idols In The Qur'an And Midrash Genesis Rabbah 4898
Is The Qur'anic Surah Of Joseph Borrowed From Jewish Midrashic Sources? 4464
The Ten Wise Jews: The Source Of The Qur'an? 4112
Is The Qur'anic Story Of Solomon & Sheba From The Targum Sheni? 4060
On The Sources Of The Qur'anic Dhul-Qarnayn 4561
Is The Source Of Qur'an 18:60-65 The Epic of Gilgamesh? 4033
Is The Source Of Qur'an 18:60-65 The Alexander Romances? 4142
The Source Of Qur'an 18:65-82: Arent Wensinck's Jewish Source? 4366
To Moo Or Not To Moo, That Is The Question! 4617
On The Sources Of The Story Of Cain & Abel In The Qur'an 7043
On Pirke De-Rabbi Eli`ezer As One Of The Sources Of The Qur'an 4175
Well, Did Muhammad Not Copy Some Verses Of The Qur'an From Imru'l Qais? 3918
What About Salman - The Persian? 4961
Did Waraqa Ibn Nawfal Teach The Prophet? 8878
The Prophet's Wives Teaching The Bible? 7920
The Defense of The Qur'an Against The Bible Borrowing Theory 7556
Is The Bible Really The Source Of The Qur'an? 8118
Comments On Geiger & Tisdall's Books On The 'Sources' Of The Qur'an 4688
A Brief Review Of The Bible Borrowing Theories 4552
Methodological Fallacy Of The Theory Of Religious Borrowing 4661
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