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Translating the Untranslatable: A Survey of English Translations of the Quran 4667
Can You Describe the Qur'an With Its General Features? 5570
Whether Explicitly or Allusively, the Koran Dwells too Much on Divine Unity, the Hereafter, and God's Judgment of Men And Draws Attention to Them in Innumerable Places? 4073
There Are Some Seemingly Paradoxical Expression in the Koran. How Can We Reconcile Them? 7627
Why are There Repetitions or Reiterations in the Koran? 4112
What Does It Mean That the Koran Has Originated in the Greatest Name of God and the Greatest Level of Every Name? 4553
Can You Compare the Koran's Wisdom and Modern Scientific Thought and Philosophy With Respect to the Teaching and Degrees of Knowledge Each Provides? 4143
How Does the Koran Address Each Level of Mankind in Every Age? 4097
How Can You Compare the Koran's Wisdom and Human Philosophies? 4084
Can You Make a Comparison Between the Koran and Modern Civilization from Different Viewpoints? 4222
How Can You Compare the Koran and Modern Science and Philosophy in Viewing the Universe? 4018
Why Does the Wise Koran not Speak of Beings in the Same Way as Science and Materialistic or Naturalistic Philosophy? 3921
How About the Koran's Predictions With Respect to Its Being a Miracle? 4824
What Does It Mean: the Koran Never Grows Older? 8241
What Do You Mean by Saying That the Koran Has an Extaordinary Comprehensiveness? 4516
Why Does the Koran not Mention Scientific and Technological Developments Explicitly, So That Even the Most Recalcitrant Unbelievers Would Feel Compelled to Affirm It, and Our Minds Be Eased? 4447
Why Do We Refer to Science and Scientific Facts When Explaining Certain Islamic Truths? 4392
In Addition to Prophetic Miracles, Are There Other Examples of the Koran's Reference to Scientific Discoveries? 8570
What is the Relation of Human Attainments of Learning and Scientific Progress With the Divine Names? 4201
Does the Koran Have Reference to Scientific and Technological Developments? If It Does, How? 4560
When Modern Science Agrees with the Qur'an? 4204
Brief History of Compilation of the Qur'an 5343
How Does the Koran Approach "Natural" Phenomena and Why Does He Mention Insignificant-Seeming Events As If They Have Great Importance? 4343
Does the Koran Contain Everything? 4607
Why Does the Qur'an Not Discuss Scientific Issues That Concern Us Today? 4592
What Was the Divine Wisdom in the Koran's Being Revealed in Stages Over a Period of 23 Years? 4793
How Can We Answer Those Who Attempt to Judge the Divine Authorship of the Koran Under the Guise of Impartial Judgment or Objective Reasoning? 4330
Why Does the Qur'an Open With Iqra' (Recite, Read)? 6963
Why Was the Qur'an Revealed Over A Period of 23 Years? 9517
How Can We Prove That the Koran is the Word Of God? 4516
What is the Koran? How Can It Be Defined? 7796
The Noble Qur'an 4499
What Are The Differences Between The Islamic and The Modern Scientific Points of View On Knowledge ('ilm)? How Does The Qur'an Regard ''Knowledge''? 5942
Did Prophet Muhammad Write the Qur'an? 5897
Scientists' Comments On The Qur'an 4362
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