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40. Al-Mumin (The Believer, 85 verses)
40.1. Hā. Mīm.
40.2. (This is) the Book being sent down in parts from God, the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Knowing.
40.3. The Forgiver of sins, and the Accepter of repentance; yet severe in retribution, limitless in His bounty. There is no deity but He. To Him is the homecoming.
40.4. None dispute concerning God's Revelations and signs (in creation, human life, and history) but those who obstinately disbelieve. But let not their strutting about the land in pomp and apparent domination deceive you.
40.5. Before them, the people of Noah denied (God's Revelations and signs), and so did the communities who came after them (and who have been mentioned in the Qur'ān). Every community plotted against the Messenger sent to them, to capture him (then kill or expel him), and they struggled (against God's Message) with falsehood, so as to render the truth void thereby; but then I seized them, and (see) how was My retribution!
40.6. And thus your Lord's word has proven true against the unbelievers, that surely they are companions of the Fire.
40.7. Those (angels) who bear the Supreme Throne (of God), and the others around it glorify their Lord with His praise; and they believe in Him (as the Unique Deity, Lord, and Sovereign of all creation), and ask for His forgiveness for those (among His creation) who believe, saying: "Our Lord! You embrace all things with mercy and knowledge (having perfect knowledge of every creature's need, and answering that need with mercy), so forgive those who repent (of their sins) and follow Your way, and protect them from the punishment of the Blazing Flame.
40.8. "Our Lord! Admit them into the Gardens of perpetual bliss which You have promised them, and those who are righteous from among their forebears, and their spouses, and their offspring. Surely You are the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Wise.
40.9. "And protect them from (doing) evil deeds (and the consequences thereof on the Day of Judgment). Whoever You protect from evils on that Day, You have surely had mercy on him; and that is the supreme triumph. "
40.10. As for those who obstinately disbelieve (and die unbelievers), it is proclaimed to them (while they are in Hell): "God's ‘abhorrence' of you is greater than your (present) abhorrence of yourselves and each other (because of your being the cause of the punishment you suffer), for you used to be called to faith but you persistently refused to believe. "
40.11. They will say: "Our Lord! You have made us die twice, and given us life twice, so (we have become fully convinced of the truth of all that You have informed us of, and) we acknowledge our sins (of unbelief). Is there, then, any way to get out (so that we may believe and do good, righteous deeds)?"
40.12. "That (your being in Hell) is so because when the One God alone is invoked, you obstinately refuse to believe, but when partners are associated with Him, you believe. Then (whatever you do), the judgment rests with God, the All-Exalted, the All-Great. "
40.13. He it is Who shows you His signs (in the universe as well as within yourselves, your life, and in history, which demonstrate His Oneness), and sends down provision for you from the heaven. But none reflect and are mindful save those who (being without prejudice) turn to God in penitence.
40.14. So (O believers,) invoke God alone, sincere in your faith in Him and practicing the Religion purely for His sake, however hateful this may be to the unbelievers.
40.15. He is exalted above all degrees, Owner of the Supreme Throne. He conveys the Spirit (the life-giving Revelation, from the immaterial realm) of His command to whom He wills of His servants, so as to warn (conscious, responsible beings) of the Day of Meeting (when His servants will meet Him).
40.16. The Day when they will come forth (from death), with nothing of them being hidden from God. Whose is the absolute Sovereignty on that Day? It is God's, the One, the All-Overwhelming (with absolute sway over all that exists).
40.17. On that Day, every soul will be recompensed for what it has earned; no wrong (will be done to any) on that Day. God is Swift at reckoning.
40.18. Warn them of the Day that draws near, when the hearts will come right up to the throats, choking them. The wrongdoers will have no intimate friend, nor any intercessor who will be heeded.
40.19. God knows the treacheries of the eyes and all that the bosoms conceal.
40.20. God judges with truth, whereas those whom they invoke apart from Him do not judge at all. Surely God is He Who is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.
40.21. Have they never traveled about the earth, that they may see what was the outcome for those (who obstinately disbelieved in Our signs) before them? They were greater than them in power and in the marks (they left) on the land. Then God seized them for their sins, and they had none to protect them against God.
40.22. That was because the Messengers sent to them came to them with clear proofs of the truth, but they obstinately disbelieved; and so God seized them. Surely He is All-Strong, Severe in retribution.
40.23. We surely sent Moses with clear signs from Us (including miracles to support him), and a manifest authority,
40.24. To the Pharaoh, and Hāmān, and Korah, but they said: "(This man is) a sorcerer, a liar!"
40.25. When he brought them the truth from Our Presence (so clearly that they could not deny it), they said: "Kill the sons of those who believe (in his Message) along with him and let live their womenfolk (for further humiliation and suffering). " But the scheming of unbelievers is but bound to fail.
40.26. The Pharaoh said (to his chiefs): "Let me kill Moses, and let him call upon his Lord! I fear lest he alter your religion (replacing it with his), or lest he provoke disorder in the land. "
40.27. Moses said: "Indeed I seek refuge in my Lord, Who is your Lord as well, from every haughty one who disbelieves in the Day of Reckoning. "
40.28. (At just that moment) a believing man from among the clan (and Government Board) of the Pharaoh, who until then had concealed his faith, (came forward and) said: "Would you kill a man only because he declares, ‘My Lord is God!', when he has indeed come to you with clear proofs from your Lord? If he be a liar, then his lie will be (reckoned) against him; but if he is true (in his proclamations), then something of what he threatens you with will befall you. Surely, God does not guide (either to truth or to any achievement) one who (transgressing all bounds) is wasteful (of his God-given faculties), and a liar.
40.29. "O my people! You enjoy the dominion today, being uppermost in the land; but who could help us against the punishment of God, should it come to us?" The Pharaoh said (to his people): "I would show you only what I see (as needing to be done), and I guide you only to the right way (to follow). "
40.30. But he who believed said: "O my people! I do indeed fear for you the like of the day (of disaster) of the communities (that, before you, also denied the Messengers sent to them);
40.31. "The like of what befell the people of Noah, the ‘Ād, and the Thamūd, and others that came after them; and God never wills any wrong for (His) servants.
40.32. "O my people! I do indeed fear for you the Day of the Summons (the Day when people will vainly be calling out to one another for help, and cursing one another in distress);
40.33. "The Day when you will (strive in vain desperation) to turn and flee (from the Fire), having none to protect you from (the punishment of) God. Whomever God leads astray, there is no guide.
40.34. "And (reflect that) Joseph brought to you the manifest truths before, but you never ceased to doubt as to what he brought you. But when he finally died, you said that God would no longer send a Messenger after him. Thus God leads astray one who (transgressing all bounds) is wasteful (of his God-given faculties), persistently doubting (without good reason) –
40.35. "Those who dispute concerning God's signs and Revelations without any authority that has reached them. It is grievous and loathsome in the sight of God and those who believe. Thus, God impresses (a seal) on every haughty, tyrant's heart. "
40.36. The Pharaoh said: "O Hāmān! Build me a lofty tower so that I may attain the ways,
40.37. "The ways of (peering into) the skies, and that I may have a look at the God of Moses, though I surely think that he is a liar. " Thus were his evil deeds decked out to be appealing to the Pharaoh, and he was debarred from the (right) way. And the scheme of the Pharaoh ended in nothing but destruction.
40.38. And the one who believed said (continuing his warnings): "O my people! Follow me so that I may guide you to the way of right guidance.
40.39. "O my people! The life of this world is but a (passing) enjoyment, while the Hereafter – that is indeed the home of permanence.
40.40. "Whoever does an evil is not recompensed except with the like of it; whereas whoever does good, righteous deeds – whether man or woman – and is a believer, such will enter Paradise, being provided there without measure.
40.41.   "O my people! How is it with me that I call you to salvation when you call me to the Fire!
40.42. "You call me so that I should disbelieve in God and associate with Him partners about whose partnership I have no sure knowledge; and I call you to the All-Glorious with irresistible might (Able to destroy whoever rebels against Him), the All-Forgiving (Who forgives whoever turns to Him in repentance).
40.43. "Without doubt you call me, but to one who has no title (to be called to) in the world, or in the Hereafter; our return will be to God, and those who (transgressing all bounds) are wasteful (of their God-given faculties) – they will be companions of the Fire.
40.44. "Soon you will remember all that I now am telling you. As for me, I commit my affair to God (in full submission). Surely God sees the servants well. "
40.45. So God preserved him from the evils they schemed (against him), while a most evil punishment overwhelmed the clan (the court and military aristocracy) of the Pharaoh:
40.46. The Fire: they are exposed to it morning and evening; and when the Last Hour comes in (and the Judgment is established, it is ordered): "Admit the clan of the Pharaoh into the severest punishment. "
40.47. See, how they will dispute with each other in the Fire; so the weak ones (who blindly obeyed the leaders of unbelief) will say to those who acted arrogantly and oppressed (others): "Surely we were your followers; now can you therefore rid us of (even) a portion of the Fire?"
40.48. Those who were arrogant (and oppressed others) will say: "We are all together in this (Fire)! God has indeed judged between the servants (and all must face a reckoning and receive their just deserts). "
40.49. Those who are in the Fire will cry to the keepers of Hell: "Call upon your Lord that He may lighten the punishment for us for one day (at least). "
40.50. (The keepers) will say: "Did not the Messengers sent to you come to you with clear proofs (of the truth)?" They will say, "Yes, indeed. " (The keepers then) will say: "Then call (as you like)!" But the call of unbelievers is bound to be in vain.
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