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36. Ya-Sin (Yasin, 83 verses)
36.1. Yā. Sīn.
36.2. By the Wise Qur'an,
36.3. You are indeed one of the Messengers (commissioned to convey God's Message),
36.4. Upon a straight path.
36.5. (This is) the Book which is being sent down by the All-Glorious with irresistible might, the All-Compassionate,
36.6. So that you may warn a people whose (near) forefathers were not warned, and who are, therefore, heedless (of the truth and falsehood).
36.7. The word (of God's judgment) has assuredly proved true against most of them (humankind, from the very first day), for they do not believe.
36.8. We have surely put chains around the necks (of the unbelievers among your people), right up to their chins, so that their heads are forced up.
36.9. And We have set a barrier before them and a barrier behind them, and (thus) We have covered them (from all sides), so that they cannot see.
36.10. So, it is alike to them whether you warn them or do not warn them; (although it is your mission to warn them, and you do it without any neglect) they will not believe.
36.11. You can (profitably) warn only him who (is unprejudiced and) follows the Message and feels awe of the All-Merciful, though unseen (beyond their perception). To him, then, give the glad tiding of forgiveness and an honorable, generous provision.
36.12. Surely it is We Who will bring the dead to life; and We record what they send ahead (to the Hereafter) and what they leave behind (of good and evil). Everything, We have written down and kept in a Manifest Record.
36.13. Set out to them, by way of a parable, the (story of the) people of that township, when the Messengers came there:
36.14. When We first sent them two (Messengers) and they denied them, We reinforced them with a third, and they said: "Surely we are Messengers sent to you (with God's Message). "
36.15. They said: "You are but mortals like us. The All-Merciful has never sent down anything (by way of Book, as you claim). You are only telling lies. "
36.16. (The Messengers) said: "Our Lord knows that we certainly are Messengers sent to you.
36.17. "And what rests with us is but to convey (God's Message) fully and clearly (we do not compel faith). "
36.18. They said: "We augur ill of you. If you do not desist, we will most certainly stone you, and a painful punishment will most certainly afflict you at our hands. "
36.19. (The Messengers) said: "What you describe as augury lies with you. What? (Do you consider it an ill augury) to be reminded (of the truth) and admonished? No, indeed! Rather, you are a people committing excesses and wasteful of your God-given faculties. "
36.20. A man came running from the farthest end of the city and said: "O my people! Follow those who have been sent (to you as Messengers of God).
36.21. "Follow those who ask of you no wage (for their service), and are themselves rightly guided.
36.22. And what reason do I have that I should not worship Him Who originated me with a nature particular to me, and to Whom you all (as well as I) are being brought back (to give an account of our lives)?
36.23. "Shall I take, apart from Him, deities whose intercession (that you claim they can make on our behalf) will not avail me anything, if the All-Merciful should will a harm for me, nor can they bring deliverance?
36.24. "I would indeed, if I were to do so, be in obvious error.
36.25. "But surely, I have believed in (the Lord Who is, in fact,) the Lord of you all, so listen to me (heedfully)!"
36.26. (But they killed him, and this word of welcome) was said to him: "Enter Paradise!" He said: "Would that my people knew,
36.27. "That my Lord has forgiven me and made me one of those honored (with particular favors)!" 
36.28. We did not send down upon his people after him any hosts (of angels) from heaven (to destroy them): it is not Our way to send down such.
36.29. It was but a single blast only, and see! They were extinguished.
36.30. Ah! Alas for the servants (of God who fail to serve Him)! Every time there has come to them a Messenger, they have but mocked him.
36.31. Have they not considered how many a generation We have destroyed before them; they never return to them (nor to their life of the world).
36.32. Instead, every generation, all without exception, will be arraigned before us (for judgment).
36.33. A clear sign for them (of God's Oneness and Lordship) is the dead earth: We revive it and bring forth from it grain, and (following the necessary preparatory processes) they eat of it.
36.34. And We have set therein gardens of palms and vines, and We have caused springs to gush forth in it,
36.35. So that they may eat of the fruit of all (that He produces) – and they did not make it with their own hands. Will they not, then, give thanks?
36.36. All-Glorified is He (in that He is absolutely exalted above having any peer or partner), Who has created the pairs all together out of what the earth produces, as well as out of themselves, and out of what they do not know.
36.37. A(nother) clear sign for them is the night: We withdraw the day from it, and see, they are plunged in darkness.
36.38. And the sun runs the course appointed for it for a term to its resting-place, for the stability of it(s system). This is the measured determining of the All-Glorious with irresistible might (to Whose omnipotent ordering the whole universe is submitted), the All-Knowing.
36.39. And for the moon, We have determined mansions till it returns like an old shriveled palm-leaf.
36.40. It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day. All (the celestial bodies and systems) float in an orbit (determined for each).
36.41. A(nother) sign for them is that We bear their generations on the ship laden (with them and their cargo, and yet sustained in the water, without sinking).
36.42. And We have created for them the like of it (for land travel) on which they ride.
36.43. If We will, We cause them to drown, and there is no help for them (against Our will), nor can they be saved (from drowning),
36.44. Unless by a mercy from Us and (Our allowing them) to enjoy life for some time more until a term (determined).
36.45. When they are told: "Beware of and guard against what lies before you and what lies behind you (of unforgivable sins and punishment they will bring in the world or the Hereafter, and brought about in the past when committed by former peoples), so that you may be shown mercy (a good, virtuous life in the world and eternal happiness in the Hereafter). "
36.46. Yet there does not come to them a clear sign from among the signs of their Lord (a Revelation from among His Revelations), but they turn away from it (being averse to the admonition given therein).
36.47. And when they are told: "Spend (for the needy) out of what God has provided for you," those who disbelieve say to those who believe, "Shall we then feed those whom God would feed if He willed? You are but in obvious error. "
36.48. And they say (intending mockery): "So, when is this promise (of Resurrection and Judgment), if you are truthful?"
36.49. They should await only a single blast that will seize them unawares even as they are disputing (heedlessly among themselves about their worldly concerns).
36.50. Then they will not be able even to make a bequest (so suddenly will the blast seize them), nor return to their families.
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