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23. Al-Mu'minun (The Believers, 118 verses)
23.1. Prosperous indeed are the believers.
23.2. They are in their Prayer humble and fully submissive (being overwhelmed by the awe and majesty of God).
23.3. They always turn away from and avoid whatever is vain and frivolous.
23.4. They are in a constant effort to give alms and purify their own selves and wealth.
23.5. They strictly guard their private parts, and their chastity and modesty,
23.6. Save from their spouses, or (as a permission for men) those (bondsmaids) whom their right hands possess, for with regard to them they are free from blame.
23.7. But whoever seeks beyond that, such are they who exceed the bounds (set by God).
23.8. They are faithful and true to their trusts (which either God, society, or an individual places in their charge), and to their pledges (between them and God or other persons or society).
23.9. They are ever mindful guardians of their Prayers (including all the rites of which they are constituted).
23.10. Those (illustrious ones) are the inheritors,
23.11. Who will inherit the highest floor of Paradise. Therein they will abide forever.
23.12. We created humankind (in the very beginning) from a specially sifted extract of clay.
23.13. Then We made it into a fertilized ovum in a safe lodging.
23.14. Then We created of the fertilized ovum a clot clinging (to the womb wall), and (afterwards in sequence) We created of the clinging clot a (chew of) lump, and We created of (a chew of) lump bones, and We clothed the bones in flesh. Then We caused it to grow into another creation. So Blessed and Supreme is God, the Creator Who creates everything in the best and most appropriate form, and has the ultimate rank of creativity.
23.15. Then, after all this, you are bound to die.
23.16. Thereafter, you will, on the Day of Resurrection, certainly be raised up.
23.17. Indeed, We have created above you seven heavens, one layer upon the other, and seven paths (for angels to move, God's commands to descend, and acts of conscious beings to ascend along). Never are We unaware of creation and what We create (with all aspects of their lives).
23.18. We send down from the sky water with a measure set by Us, and lodge it in the earth. We are most certainly able to withdraw it.
23.19. And with it, We cause to grow for you gardens of date-palms and vines, wherein are abundant, diverse fruits for you, and from which you eat and obtain some of your livelihood,
23.20. As well as a tree that grows from and in the lands around Mount Sinai, yielding oil and a kind of relish for all to eat.
23.21. And in the cattle (feeding on the grass God brings forth with the water He sends down), there is a lesson for you. We give you to drink of that (milk) which is within their bodies; and you have many other benefits in them; and from them you obtain food;
23.22. And on them (on land) and on the ships (in the sea) you are carried.
23.23. Indeed, We sent Noah to his people as Messenger, and he said: "O my people! Worship God alone: you have no deity other than Him. Will you not, then, keep from disobedience to Him in reverence for Him and piety?"
23.24. The leading ones who disbelieved from among his people reacted, saying (among themselves and to each other): "This is but a mortal like you. He only wishes to gain superiority over you. Had God willed (to send us a Messenger to convey His Message), He would surely have sent down angels (to communicate His Message). Further, we have never heard of anything like this in the case of our forefathers of old.
23.25. "He is but a man in whom there is madness, so watch him for a while (to see) whether he will recover. "
23.26. Noah prayed: "My Lord, help me because they have denied me!"
23.27. Thereupon We revealed to him: "Build the Ark (which We have described to you), under Our eyes and in accordance with Our instructions to be revealed (to you). Then finally, when Our command comes to pass and the boiler starts boiling over, take on board a pair of each kind of animal, as well as your family, except those of them against whom Our sentence (of destruction) has already been passed. Do not plead with Me for those people who have persisted in wrongdoing. They are bound to be drowned.
23.28. "Then, when you are seated in the Ark, you and those who are with you, say: ‘All praise and gratitude are for God, Who has saved us from the wrongdoing people. '
23.29. "And pray: ‘My Lord, let me land in a blessed place (in peace and safety and) with blessings from You. You are the Best to cause people to land in peace and safety. '"
23.30. Surely in that (exemplary story) are signs (manifesting the truth); and for sure, We are ever trying (people).
23.31. Then, after them, We brought forth another generation.
23.32. In time, We sent among them a Messenger from among themselves (with the message): "Worship God alone; you have no deity other than Him. Will you not, then, keep from disobedience to Him in reverence for Him and piety?"
23.33. The leading ones from among his people – who disbelieved, and denied the meeting of the Hereafter, and to whom We granted ease and comfort in the life of this world – said: "This is but a mortal like you, eating of what you eat of, and drinking of what you drink of.
23.34. "If you obey a mortal like yourselves, then you will surely be the losers.
23.35. "Does he promise you that, after you have died and become mere dust and bones, you will be brought forth (to a new life)?
23.36. "Far-fetched, utterly far-fetched, is what you are promised.
23.37. "There is no life beyond our present, worldly life. Some of us die (while others are born,) and so life continues; and we are not raised from the dead.
23.38. "He is nothing but a man, fabricating falsehood in attribution to God; and we are not (going to) to believe in him. "
23.39. Eventually, the Messenger invoked: "My Lord, help me because they deny me!"
23.40. (God) said: "In a little while, they are sure to be regretful. "
23.41. So, in consequence, the awful blast seized them as a judgment of God justly and unavoidably, and We made them like the waste of dead plants carried by a flood and left on the coast once the water recedes. So away with the wrongdoing people!
23.42. Then, after them, We brought forth new generations (in succession).
23.43. (What happened to all those generations proves that) no community can ever hasten on the end of its term, nor can they delay it (once it has been decided by God, because of their beliefs and lifestyles).
23.44. We sent Our Messengers one after the other (each to a generation). Whenever their Messenger came to a community, they denied him, and, in consequence, We caused each community to follow the other to its doom, and reduced them to mere tales of the past. So away with a people who do not believe!
23.45. After all those Messengers (sent to the past generations that are now all extinct), We sent Moses and his brother, Aaron, as Messengers with Our clear signs (miracles to support them) and a manifest authority (from Us),
23.46. To the Pharaoh and his chiefs. But they grew arrogant (in the face of those signs), and demonstrated that they were a haughty, self-exalting people.
23.47. They said: "Shall we believe in two mortals like ourselves, when their people (the people of Moses and Aaron) are serving us in humility and obedience?"
23.48. They denied them, and they, too, eventually became of those who were destroyed.
23.49. (After their destruction) We granted Moses the Book, so that his people might follow the right way.
23.50. We made the Son of Mary and his mother a miraculous sign (of Our Lordship and Power), and We provided for them refuge on a lofty ground of comfort and security, and with a (water) spring.
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