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22. Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage, 78 verses)
22.1. O humankind! Keep from disobedience to your Lord in reverence for Him and piety, and get under His protection. (Never forget that) the violent convulsion of the Last Hour is an awesome thing.
22.2. On the Day when you all see it, every suckling mother will utterly forsake her infant in dread, and every pregnant female will cast off her burden. You will see all people as if gone out of their senses, while, in fact, they are in their senses. This is because God's punishment is extremely severe.
22.3. Among people there are such as dispute about God without any true knowledge and follow every corrupt, rebellious, and mischievous satan.
22.4. It is decreed about him (Satan) that whoever takes him for a guardian, surely he leads him astray, and guides him to the punishment of the Blaze.
22.5. O humankind! If you are in doubt about the Resurrection, (consider that) We created you from earth (in the beginning, while there was nothing of your existence as humankind, and the material origin of every one of you is also earth). Then (We have created you) from a drop of seminal fluid, then from a clot clinging (to the womb wall), then from a lump in part shaped and in part not shaped, and differentiated and undifferentiated, and so do We clarify for you (the reality of the Resurrection). And We cause what We will (to come into the world) to rest in the wombs for an appointed term, then We bring you out as (dependent) infants, then (We provide what is necessary and appropriate) so that you may attain your age of full strength. Among you some are caused to die (during this period of growth and afterwards), and some are kept back to the most miserable state of old age, ceasing to know anything after once having known some things. (As another proof for the Resurrection and a sign to comprehend it,) you see earth dry and lifeless, and suddenly, when We send down the (known, blessed) water on it, it stirs and swells and grows every pleasant pair of vegetation.
22.6. And so, God is He Who is the Absolute Truth and Ever-Constant, and He gives life to the dead, and He has full power over everything.
22.7. And the Last Hour is sure to come – there is no doubt about it. And God will surely raise up all who are in the graves.
22.8. And yet, among people there are some who dispute about God without having any true knowledge or any true guidance, or an enlightening (Divine) Book.
22.9. They keep on disputing arrogantly to lead people astray from God's way. For such there is disgrace in the world, and on the Day of Resurrection, We will cause them to taste the punishment of the scorching Fire.
22.10. "This punishment is the outcome of what you have (committed and) forwarded with your own hands, and never does God do the least wrong to His servants. "
22.11. Among people are also many a one who worships God on the borderline (of faith), in expectation of only worldly gains. If any good befalls him, he is satisfied with it, but if a trial afflicts him, he turns away utterly, reverting back to unbelief. He (thereby) incurs loss of both this world and the Hereafter. This indeed is the obvious loss.
22.12. He invokes, apart from God, that which can neither harm nor benefit him. That indeed is straying very far away.
22.13. He even invokes the being that is far more likely to cause harm than benefit: what evil a patron, and what evil an associate!
22.14. Surely God will admit those who believe and do good, righteous deeds into the Gardens through which rivers flow. Surely God does whatever He wills.
22.15. Whoever thinks that God will not help the Messenger to victory in the world and to utmost prosperity in the Hereafter, then let him move heaven and earth to prevent His help: let him stretch out a rope to heaven (to prevent God's help and Revelation from reaching him), and then sever that rope to descend without being broken into pieces. Then let him see whether the schemes he makes will be of any avail to him, and (whether he can) do away with what enrages him.
22.16. It is in the face of such rage and malice that We send down the Qur'ān in messages clear in meaning and content, and as manifest signs of the truth; and God guides whomever He wills.
22.17. Those who truly believe (in God and follow Muhammad), and those who have become Jews, and the Sabaeans, and the Christians, and the Magians, and those who associate partners with God (without having any relation with a Divinely-inspired religion) – God will certainly judge between them on the Day of Resurrection. God is Witness over everything.
22.18. Do you ever consider that all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth prostrate themselves to God, and so do the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, and the beasts, and so do many among human beings? But many others are deservedly condemned to punishment. Whoever God humiliates can have none to give him honor. Assuredly, God does whatever He wills.
22.19. These are two opposing groups (those who prostrate to God and those who do not. . Though there may be differences of approach within either group), they contend about (the truth concerning) their Lord. As for those who disbelieve (by categorically denying Him, or associating partners with Him in His Attributes or authority as the Lord), garments of fire are certain to be cut out for them, with boiling water being poured down over their heads,
22.20. With which all that is within their bodies, as well as their skins, is melted away.
22.21. For them are also goads and maces of iron.
22.22. Whenever in their anguish they attempt to come out of the Fire, they will be returned into it (and told): "Taste the punishment of the scorching Fire!"
22.23. (On the other hand,) God will admit those who believe and do good, righteous deeds into the Gardens through which rivers flow; adorned therein with armbands of gold and pearls, and their garments therein will be of silk.
22.24. They have been guided to (believe in and declare) the purest of words, and they have been guided to the path of the All-Praiseworthy One (saying and doing only what is praiseworthy).
22.25. Those who disbelieve and bar (others) from God's way and (the believers from visiting) the Sacred Mosque, which We have set up as a place of worship for all (believing) people alike, both for those who dwell therein (in Makkah) and for those who come from abroad – whoever seeks a deviation from the right course therein by deliberate wrongdoing, We cause him to taste a painful punishment.
22.26. Remember when We assigned to Abraham the site of the House (Ka‘bah) as a place of worship, (directing him): "Do not associate any partners with Me in any way, and keep My House pure (from any material and spiritual filth) for those who will go round it in devotion, and those who will stand in prayer before it, and those who will bow down and prostrate themselves in worship. "
22.27. Publicly proclaim the (duty of) Pilgrimage for all humankind, that they come to you on foot and on lean camels, coming from every far-away point,
22.28. So that they may witness all the (spiritual, social, and economic) benefits in store for them, and offer during the known, appointed days the sacrificial cattle that He has provided for them by pronouncing God's Name over them. Eat of their meat and feed the distressed, the poor.
22.29. Thereafter, let them tidy themselves up (by having their hair cut, removing their ihrām [Hajj attire], taking a bath, and clipping their nails, etc. ), and fulfill the vows (if they have made any, and complete other acts of the Pilgrimage), and go round the Most Ancient, Honorable House in devotion.
22.30. All that (is what God ordained concerning the Hajj). So whoever venerates God's sanctities will find it to be the best for him in his Lord's sight. Cattle have been made lawful for you (for sacrifice and food), except what has already been mentioned to you (as unlawful). So, shun the loathsome evil of idol-worship and shun all words of falsehood (never say or consider or legislate anything contrary to revealed commandments concerning the lawful and the unlawful).
22.31. Be believers of pure faith in God, without associating any partners with Him. Whoever associates any partners with God, it is as if he fell down from heaven, and thereupon the wild birds of prey snatch him away, or the wind blows him away into a distant, abysmal ditch (causing him to be shattered into pieces).
22.32. That (is the truth itself). And whoever venerates the public symbols and rituals set up by God (such as Jumu‘ah and ‘Īd Prayers, the call to the Prayer, the Sacrifice, and the rites of the Pilgrimage), surely it is because of the true piety and the God-consciousness of their hearts.
22.33. There are benefits for you in them (the sacrificial animals offering of which in God's cause is among Islam's public symbols and rituals,) until the appointed term (of their sacrifice). Then their being carried for sacrifice (during the Hajj) ends in the sacred precincts of the Most Ancient, Honorable House.
22.34. For every believing community, We have laid down sacrifice as an act of worship to be performed at a certain time and place. So they must pronounce God's Name over what We have provided for them of cattle (while offering it). And (bear in mind that) your God is the One and Only God, so to Him alone submit yourselves wholly. And give glad tidings to the deeply devoted, humble servants –
22.35. Those whose hearts tremble with awe whenever God is mentioned, who are always patient with whatever ill befalls them, who always establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions, and who spend (in God's cause and for the needy) out of whatever We provide for them.
22.36. And the cattle, (including especially the camels) – We have appointed their sacrifice as among the public symbols and rituals set up by God for you, in which there is much good for you. When they (the camels) are lined up in standing position for sacrifice, pronounce God's Name over them. When they fall down on their sides and fully die, ready to be eaten, eat of their meat and feed the poor such as (beg not but) live in contentment and such as beg with due humility. (It is for the purposes and benefits mentioned, and based on the principles mentioned that) We have put the sacrificial animals in your service, so that you may give thanks to God.
22.37. (Bear in mind that) neither their flesh nor their blood reaches God, but only piety and consciousness of God reach Him from you. (It is for the purposes and benefits mentioned, and based on the principles mentioned that) We have put them in your service so that you must exalt God because He has guided you (to correct belief and worship and obedience to Him). Give glad tidings to those devoted to doing good, aware that God is seeing them.
22.38. Surely God defends strongly those who believe. Certainly God does not love any treacherous, ungrateful one.
22.39. The believers against whom war is waged are given permission to fight in response, for they have been wronged. Surely, God has full power to help them to victory –
22.40. Those who have been driven from their homeland against all right, for no other reason than that they say, "Our Lord is God. " Were it not for God's repelling some people by means of others, monasteries and churches and synagogues and mosques, where God is regularly worshipped and His Name is much mentioned, would surely have been pulled down (with the result that God is no longer worshipped and the earth becomes uninhabitable). God most certainly helps whoever helps His cause. Surely, God is All-Strong, All-Glorious with irresistible might.
22.41. They are the believers who, if We give them authority on earth, without doubt establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions, pay the Prescribed Purifying Alms fully, and enjoin and promote what is right and good, and forbid and try to prevent evil. With God rests the outcome of all matters.
22.42. If they are denying you (O Messenger, regarding the Message you communicate to them, you know that), before them the people of Noah, the Ād and the Thamūd also denied (the Messengers sent to each. )
22.43. And so, too, did the people of Abraham and the people of Lot;
22.44. And the dwellers of Midian, and Moses, too, was denied (by the Pharaoh and his clan). Every time I granted respite to the unbelievers and then seized them (when they persisted in unbelief and injustices), how awesome was My disowning them!
22.45. How many a township have We destroyed because it was given up to wrongdoing: so they all lie in ruins, with their roofs caved in, wells and fountains deserted, and towering, lofty castles collapsed.
22.46. Do they never travel about the earth (and view all these scenes with an eye to learn lessons), so that they may have hearts with which to reason (and arrive at truth), or ears with which to hear (God's call)? For indeed, it is not the eyes that have become blind; it is rather the hearts in the breasts that are blind.
22.47. They challenge you to hasten the coming upon them of God's punishment (with which they are threatened). Let them know that God never fails to fulfill His promise; but a day with your Lord is like a thousand years in your reckoning.
22.48. (Let them not hasten you to bring on them Our punishment. ) How many a township that was given up to wrongdoing have I given respite to, but then seized them (when they persisted in unbelief and injustices); and to Me is the homecoming.
22.49. Say (O Messenger): "O people! (I am not a man who can do whatever he wills, nor whatever you wish;) I am only a plain warner sent to you. "
22.50. So those who believe and do good, righteous deeds – for them is a forgiveness (to bring unforeseen blessings) and an honorable, generous provision (in the Hereafter).
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