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2. Al-Baqarah (The Cow, 286 verses)
2.1. Alif. Lām. Mīm.
2.2. This is the (most honored, matchless) Book: there is no doubt about it (its Divine authorship and that it is a collection of pure truths throughout) — a guidance for the God-revering, pious who keep their duty to God.
2.3. Those who believe in the Unseen, establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions, and out of what We have provided for them (of wealth, knowledge, power, etc. ,), they spend (to provide sustenance for the needy and in God's cause, purely for the good pleasure of God and without placing others under obligation. )
2.4. And those who believe in what is sent down to you, and what was sent down before you (such as the Torah, Gospel and Psalms, and the Scrolls of Abraham), and in the Hereafter, they have certainty of faith.
2.5. Those (illustrious ones) stand on true guidance (originating in the Qur'ān) from their Lord; and they are those who are the prosperous.
2.6. (Despite the commitment and energy you show in striving to help people to believe,) those who willfully persist in unbelief, it is alike to them whether you warn them or do not warn them; (although it is your mission to warn them and you do it without any neglect,) they will not believe.
2.7. God has set a seal upon their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a covering. For them is a mighty punishment (in the Hereafter).
2.8. Among people are some who say, "We believe in God and in the Last Day," although they are not believers.
2.9. They would trick God and those who believe, yet they trick only their own selves (of which they are enamored), but they do not perceive.
2.10. In the very center of their hearts is a sickness (that dries up the source of their spiritual life, extinguishes their power of understanding and corrupts their character), and (because of their moral corruption and the tricks they deploy out of envy and malice) God has increased them in sickness. For them is a painful punishment because they habitually lie.
2.11. (Because of the disorder they intend to provoke with their lies,) whenever they are told (as part of the duty enjoined upon the believers to promote good and forbid evil), "Do not cause disorder and corruption on earth," they say: "Why! We indeed are the ones who set things right. "
2.12. Beware, they themselves are those who cause disorder and corruption, but they are unaware (of what they do and ignorant of what setting things right is and what causing disorder is).
2.13. Again, whenever they are told (as a duty of calling to faith), "Believe as the people believe," (in a way to demonstrate their self-pride and disparagement of the people) they say: "Shall we believe as the fools believe!?" Beware, they themselves are the fools, but they do not know (seeing that they have no true knowledge to distinguish between truth and falsehood, sincere faith and hypocrisy, right and wrong).
2.14. When they meet those who believe, they declare (hypocritically), "We believe"; but when they are alone in secret, with their (apparently human) satans (to whom they hasten in need, to renew their unbelief and their pledge to them, for fear of losing their support), they say: "Assuredly we are with you; we only mock (those others). "
2.15. (Since what they do only means demanding straying and ridicule,) God returns their mockery, leaving them to wander blindly on in their rebellion.
2.16. Such are the ones who have bought straying in exchange for guidance, but their trade has brought no profit, and they have no way out to escape it.
2.17. They are like him who (while traveling with company in the desert, halted for the night and) kindled a fire (for light and warmth and protection). However, when the fire had just lit all around him (and the company had become comfortable but was not properly appreciative of the fire and failed to guard it against wind, the fire was extinguished. Thus) God took away their light and left them in darkness, unseeing.
2.18. They are utterly deaf, dumb, and blind; they can no longer recover.
2.19. Or like (those caught in) a rainstorm from the sky, accompanied by veils of darkness, thunderclaps and flashes of lightning (terrified by the thunder, and as if they might thereby evade a possible stroke of lightning), they press their fingers into their ears in fear of death. This is how God has encompassed the unbelievers from all sides.
2.20. The lightning almost snatches away their sight. Whenever it gives them light, they take a few steps in it, and when the darkness covers them, they stand still. Had God so willed,indeed He would have taken away their hearing and sight. Surely God has full power over everything.
2.21. Now O humankind! Worship your Lord Who has created you as well as those before you (and brought you up in your human nature and identity), so that you may attain reverent piety toward Him and His protection (against any kind of straying and its consequent punishment in this world and the Hereafter);
2.22. And Who has made the earth a bed (comfortable, couch-like floor) for you, and the sky a canopy. He sends down from the sky water, with which He brings forth fruits for your provision. So do not set up rivals to God (as deities, lords and objects of worship)when you know (that there can be no deities, lords, creators and providers at all to worship, save God).
2.23. If you are in doubt about the Divine authorship of what We have been sending down on Our servant (Muhammad) (and claim that it is the work of a human being like Muhammad, who can neither read or write 14), then produce just a sūrah like it and call for help from all your supporters, all those (to whom you apply for help apart from God), if you are truthful in your doubt and claim.
2.24. If you fail to do that – and you will most certainly fail – then guard yourselves against the Fire whose fuel is human beings and stones (that you have shaped into idols to adore), prepared for the unbelievers.
2.25. Give glad tidings to those who believe and do good, righteous deeds: for them are Gardens through which rivers flow. Every time they are provided with fruits (of different color, shape, taste, and fragrance, and that are constantly renewed) therefrom, they say, "This is what we were provided with before. " For they are given to them in resemblance (to what was given to them both in the world, and just before in the Gardens, familiar in shape and color so that they may not be unattractive due to being unknown). Furthermore, for them are spouses eternally purified (of all kinds of worldly uncleanliness). They will abide there (forever).
2.26. God does not disdain to strike any parable – (that of) something like a gnat or something greater or lower than it. Those who have already believed know that it is the truth from their Lord. As to those whose unbelief has long been established in their hearts, they say, "What does God mean by such a parable?" Thereby He leads many astray, and thereby He guides many. He thereby leads none astray save the transgressors:
2.27. (Those) who break God's covenant after its solemn binding, and sever the bonds God commanded to be joined, and cause disorder and corruption on earth. Such are those who are the losers (in both this world and the next).
2.28. How can you disbelieve in God, seeing that you were dead, and He gave you life? Then He causes you to die. Then He will bring you to life again; and then you will be returned to Him.
2.29. It is He Who (prepared the earth for your life before He gave you life, and) created all that is in the world for you (in order to create you – the human species – and make the earth suitable for your life); then He directed (His Knowledge, Will, Power, and Favor) to the heavenand formed it into seven heavens. He has full knowledge of everything.
2.30. Remember (when) your Lord said to the angels: "I am setting on the earth a vicegerent. " The angels asked: "Will you set therein one who will cause disorder and corruption on it and shed blood, while we glorify You with Your praise (proclaiming that You are absolutely free from any defect and that all praise belongs to You exclusively,) and declare that You alone are all-holy and to be worshipped as God and Lord?" He said: "Surely I know what you do not know. "
2.31. (Having brought him into existence,) God taught Adam the names, all of them. Then (in order to clarify the supremacy of humankind and the wisdom in their being created and made vicegerent on the earth), He presented them (the things and beings, whose names had been taught to Adam, with their names) to the angels, and said, "Now tell Me the names of these, if you are truthful (in your praising, worshipping, and sanctifying Me as My being God and Lord deserves).
2.32. (In acknowledgement of their imperfection, and their perception of the truth of the matter,) the angels said: "All-Glorified You are (in that You are absolutely above having any defect and doing anything meaningless, and Yours are all the attributes of perfection). We have no knowledge save what You have taught us. Surely You are the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. "
2.33. (In order to demonstrate the superiority of humankind more clearly,) God said: "O Adam, inform them of these things and beings with their names. " When he (Adam) informed them with their names, He said (to the angels), "Did I not tell you that I know the unseen of the heavens and the earth, and I know all that you reveal and all that you have been concealing?"
2.34. And (remember) when We said to the angels: "Prostrate before Adam!" They all prostrated, but Iblīs did not; he refused, and grew arrogant, and displayed himself as an unbeliever.
2.35. "O Adam! Dwell you, and your spouse, in the Garden, and eat (of the fruits) thereof to your hearts' content where you desire, but do not approach this tree,or you will both be among the wrongdoers. "
2.36. But Satan (tempting them to the forbidden tree despite Our forewarning,) caused them both to deflect therefrom and brought them out of the (happy) state in which they were. And We said, "Go down, all of you, (and henceforth you will live a life,) some of you being the enemies of others. There shall be for you on the earth a habitation and provision until an appointed time. "
2.37. (Aware of his lapse and in the hope of retrieving his error, rather than attempting to find excuses for it,) Adam received from his Lord words that he perceived to be inspired in him (because of his remorse, and he pleaded through them for God's forgiveness). In return, He accepted his repentance. He is the One Who accepts repentance and returns it with liberal forgiveness and additional reward, the All-Compassionate (especially towards His believing servants).
2.38. Wesaid: "Go down, all of you, from there!" (and executed Our order). If, henceforth, a guidance (like a Book through a Messenger) comes to youfrom Me, and whoever follows My guidance (and turns to Me with faith and worship), they will have no fear (for they will always find My help and support with them), nor will they grieve. "
2.39. But those who disbelieve and deny Our signs (the verses of the revealed Book of guidance, as well as the signs in both their inner world and the outer world establishing My Existence and Unity and other pillars of faith), they will be the companions of the Fire; they will abide therein.
2.40. O Children of Israel! Remember My favor that I bestowed upon you, and fulfill My covenant (which I made with you through your Prophets), so that I fulfill your covenant, and of Me alone be in awe and fear (in awareness of My Power and of your being My servants).
2.41. Believe in that which I have sent down (the Qur'ān), confirming what (of the truth) you already possess, and do not be the first to disbelieve in it. And (you scribes, fearful of losing your status and the worldly benefit accruing from it) do not sell My Revelations for a trifling price (such as worldly gains, status and renown); and in Me alone seek refuge, through reverence for Me and piety.
2.42. Do not confound the truth by mixing it with falsehood,and do not conceal the truth while you know (the meaning and outcome of what you do, and that what you strive to hide is true, and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, whose coming you have been anticipating).
2.43. Establish the Prayer, and pay the Prescribed Purifying Alms (the Zakāh); and bow (in the Prayer, not by forming a different community or congregation, but) together with those who bow (the Muslims).
2.44. Do you enjoin upon people godliness and virtue but forget your own selves, (even) while you recite the Book (and see therein the orders, prohibitions, exhortations and warnings)? Will you not understand and come to your senses?
2.45. Seek help through patience (and fasting, which requires and enables great patience), and through the Prayer. Indeed the Prayer is burdensome, but not for those humbled by their reverence of God:
2.46. Those who feel as if always in the Presence of their Lord, having met with Him; and are certain of following the way to return to Him.
2.47. O Children of Israel! Remember My favor that I bestowed upon you, and that I once exalted you above all peoples;
2.48. And be fearful of and strive to be guarded against a day when (everybody will be seeking a means to save himself, and when) no soul will pay on behalf of another, nor will any intercession (of the sort common in the world but which does not meet with God's permission and approval) be accepted from any of them, nor will compensation be received from them, nor will they be helped.
2.49. And (remember) that We saved you from the clan (the court and military aristocracy) of the Pharaoh, afflicting you with the most evil suffering (by enslaving you to such laborious tasks as construction, transportation and farming), slaughtering your sons and letting live your womenfolk (for further humiliation and suffering). In that was a grievous trial from your Lord.
2.50. And remember when (after years of struggle to escape Egypt, you had just reached the sea with the army of the Pharaoh in close pursuit and) We parted the sea for you and saved you, and (as sheer grace from Us, which you had no part in) caused the family of the Pharaoh to drown while you were looking on.
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