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17. Al-Isra' (The Children of Israel, 111 verses)
17.1. All-Glorified is He Who took His servant for a journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Farthest Mosque the environs of which We have blessed, so that We might show him some of Our signs (of the truths concerning Our Divinity and Lordship). Surely He is the One Who hears and sees.
17.2. We granted Moses the Book and made it a guidance for the Children of Israel (commanding them):  "Take, apart from Me, no guardian (one to rely on and to whom affairs should be entrusted). "
17.3. (They were among) the descendants of those whom We carried (in the Ark) with Noah. He surely was a servant greatly thankful.
17.4. We decreed in the Book for the Children of Israel (as a consequence of their ingratitude and disobedience to the Book): "You will most certainly cause corruption and disorder in the land twice, and (elated with extreme arrogance) you will act with great insolence. "
17.5. Hence, when the time of the first of the two came, We roused and sent against you some servants of Ours of great might (chosen by Us to punish you), and they ravaged the land, searching the innermost parts of your homes. That was a threat to be executed.
17.6. Then We gave the turn back to you to prevail over them, and strengthened you with resources and children, and made you the more numerous in human power (than before).
17.7. If you do good (aware that God is seeing you), you do good to your own selves; and if you do evil, it is likewise to your own selves. And so, when the time (for the fulfillment) of the second decree comes, (We rouse new enemies against you) to disgrace you utterly and to enter the Temple as the others entered it before, and to destroy entirely all that they conquer.
17.8. It is hoped that your Lord may show mercy to you, but if you return (to your sins), We will return (to Our punishment). And We have made Hell a prison for the unbelievers.
17.9. This Qur'ān surely guides (in all matters) to that which is most just and right, and gives the believers who do good, righteous deeds the glad tidings that for them there is a great reward.
17.10. And that for those who do not believe in the Hereafter, for them We have prepared a painful punishment.
17.11. Yet human  (through his actions as well as his words) prays and calls for evil just as he prays and calls for good. Human  is prone to be hasty.
17.12. (As in the life of humankind, "days" and "nights" alternate in the world, also. ) We have made the night and the day two signs (manifesting the truth of God's Power, Knowledge, and absolute sovereignty, and His grace on you). We have obscured the sign of the night (made it dark), and We have made the sign of the day illuminating (therefore, a means for you) to see, that you may seek bounty from your Lord, and that you may know the computation of (time) the years and the reckoning; We set out all things in clear detail.
17.13. Every human being's fate, We have fastened around his neck, and We will bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book which he will see spread open.
17.14. "Read your book! Your own self suffices you this day as a reckoner against you. "
17.15. Whoever takes the right way takes it for the good of his soul only; and whoever goes astray, goes astray but to its harm only. No soul, as bearer of burden, is made to bear the burden of another. We would never punish (a person or community for the wrong they have done) until We have sent a Messenger (to give counsel and warning).
17.16. And when We finally will to destroy a township (that has deserved destruction), We leave those of its people lost in the pursuit of pleasures to their own devices, and so they transgress all limits therein. In consequence, the word (of punishment) is justified against it, and so We annihilate it, reducing it to nothing.
17.17. How many a generation have We (thus) destroyed after Noah! Your Lord suffices as one All-Aware and All-Seeing of the sins of His servants.
17.18. Whoever wishes for only the immediate gains (of this transitory life), We readily grant thereof as much as We please to whomever We will. Thereafter, We consign him to Hell, wherein he will roast, disgraced and disowned.
17.19. But whoever wishes for the Hereafter and strives for it as it should be striven for, being a believer, then for those (who do so) their striving shall be recognized with thanks and reward.
17.20. Each do We supply – these ones as well as those ones – out of the free gifts of your Lord (in the world); the gift of your Lord is not confined.
17.21. See how We have made some of them excel others (in worldly gifts and in virtues); yet the Hereafter will certainly be greater in ranks and greater in excellence.
17.22. Do not set up another deity besides God, or you will be sitting disgraced and forsaken.
17.23. Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him alone, and treat parents with the best of kindness. Should one of them, or both, attain old age in your lifetime, do not say "Ugh!" to them (as an indication of complaint or impatience), nor push them away; and always address them in gracious words.
17.24. Lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy, and say: "My Lord, have mercy on them even as they cared for me in childhood. "
17.25. Your Lord best knows what is in your souls (in respect of all matters, including what you think of your parents). If you are righteous (in your thoughts and deeds), then surely He is All-Forgiving to those who turn to Him in humble contrition,
17.26. And give his due to the relative, as well as the destitute and the wayfarer; and do not squander (your wealth) senselessly.
17.27. Surely squanderers are ever brothers of satans; and Satan is ever ungrateful to his Lord.
17.28. But if you (must) turn away from those (who are in need, because you are yourself in need, and) seeking mercy from your Lord in hopeful expectation, then (at least) speak to them gently and well-meaning.
17.29. Do not keep your hand bound to your neck (in niggardliness), nor stretch it without any restraint, or else you will be left sitting reproached and denuded.
17.30. Surely your Lord God enlarges provision for whom He wills, and straitens it (for whom He wills). Indeed He is fully aware of His servants and sees them well.
17.31. Do not kill your children for fear of poverty; it is We Who provide for them as well as for you. Killing them is surely a grave sin.
17.32. Do not draw near to any unlawful sexual intercourse; surely it is a shameful, indecent thing, and an evil way (leading to individual and social corruption).
17.33. Do not kill any soul, which God has made forbidden, except in just cause. If anyone has been killed wrongfully and intentionally, We have given his heir (as defender of his rights) the authority (to claim retaliation or damages or to forgive outright). But let him (the heir) not exceed the legitimate bounds in (retaliatory) killing. Indeed he has been helped (already and sufficiently by the provisions and procedures of the Law).
17.34. And do not draw near to the property of the orphan except in the best way (such as to improve and increase it) until he comes of age and is strong; and fulfill the covenant: the covenant is surely subject to questioning (on the Day of Judgment, you will be held accountable for your covenant).
17.35. Give full measure when you measure, and weigh with a true, accurate balance. That is what is good and (to do so is) best in the long term.
17.36. Do not follow that of which you have no knowledge (whether it is good or bad), and refrain from groundless assertions and conjectures. Surely the hearing, the sight, and the heart – each of these is subject to questioning about it (you are answerable, and will be called to account, for each of these on the Day of Judgment).
17.37. Do not strut about the earth in haughty self-conceit; for you can never split the earth (no matter how hard you stamp your foot), nor can you stretch to the mountains in height (no matter how strenuously you seek to impress).
17.38. The evil of all this is abhorrent in the sight of your Lord.
17.39. All this is (part) of the Wisdom which your Lord has revealed to you (O Messenger). (As the source and basis of all wisdom), do not set up with God another deity, or you will be cast into Hell, blamed and disowned.
17.40. Has, then, your Lord distinguished you (O unbelievers) by preferring for you sons, and taken for Himself from among the angels, daughters? Most certainly you utter an awful, horrendous saying.
17.41. We have set out (the truths) in diverse ways in this Qur'ān, so that they may reflect and be mindful, but all this increases them (the unbelievers) only in their aversion (to truth).
17.42. Say: "If there were, as they assert, deities apart from Him, surely they would seek a way to the Master of the Supreme Throne (the dominion of the creation). "
17.43. All-Glorified is He, and absolutely exalted, immeasurably high above all that they say.
17.44. The seven heavens and the earth, and whoever is therein, glorify Him. There is nothing that does not glorify Him with His praise (proclaiming that He alone is God, without peer or partner, and all praise belongs to Him exclusively), but you cannot comprehend their glorification. Surely He is (despite what His servants have deserved from Him) All-Clement, All-Forgiving.
17.45. When you recite the Qur'ān, We place an invisible veil between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter (and who, by making themselves deaf and blind to the creation's praise of its Creator, make themselves incapable of such belief).
17.46. And over their hearts, We lay veils (made from their ill-intention, wrongdoing, and arrogance) that prevent them from grasping it (the Qur'ān); and in their ears, heaviness. When you make mention of your Lord in the Qur'ān as the One (the Unique Divine Being), they turn their backs in aversion.
17.47. We know best what they wish to hear when they listen to you and that, when they are secluded among themselves, these wrongdoers say (to one another): "You are following but a man bewitched. "
17.48. See what strange comparisons they invent about you. They have altogether strayed and are now unable to find a way (to the truth).
17.49. And they say: "What! Is it when we have already become bones and particles of dust – is it then that we will be raised as a new creation?"
17.50. Say: "Whether you have become stone or iron,
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