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53. An-Najm (The Star, 62 verses)
Item Title Hits
The First Surah in which a Prostration is revealed 804
Allah swears the Messenger is True and His Words are a Revelation from Him 540
Muhammad was sent as a Mercy for all that exists; He does not speak of His Desire 435
The Trustworthy Angel brought Allah's Revelation to the Trustworthy Messenger 529
Meaning of "at a distance of two bows' length or less 716
Did the Prophet see His Lord during the Night of Isra 541
Angels, Light and colors covered Sidrat Al-Muntaha 996
Refuting Idolatry, Al-Lat and Al-`Uzza 716
Refuting the Idolators Who appoint Rivals to Allah and claim that the Angels were Females 444
Wishful Thinking does not earn One Righteousness 480
No Interecession except with Allah's Leave 477
Refuting the Claim of the Idolators that the Angels are Allah's Daughters 456
The Necessity of turning away from the People of Misguidance 461
Allah knows Every Matter, whether Small or Big, and He rewards Each according to His or Her Deeds 478
Qualities of the Good-doers; Allah forgives the Small Faults 555
Encouraging Repentance and forbidding Claims of Purity for Oneself 433
Chastising Those Who disobey Allah and stop giving Charity 545
The Meaning of `fulfilled 559
None shall carry the Burden of Any Other on the Day of Resurrection 644
Some Attributes of the Lord, that He returns Man as He originated Him, and some of what He does with His Servants 528
A Warning and Exhortation, the Order to prostrate and to be humble 470
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