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40. Al-Mumin (The Believer, 85 verses)
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The Virtues of the Surahs that begin with Ha Mim 590
One of the Attributes of the Disbelievers is That they dispute the Ayat of Allah -- and The Consequences of that Allah t *** 500
The Bearers of the Throne praise Allah and pray for forgiveness for the Believers 691
The Regret of the Disbelievers after They enter Hell 759
The Believers are commanded to worship Allah Alone no matter what Their Circumstances 505
Allah sends the Revelation to warn His Servants of the Day of Mutual Meeting 523
Warning of the Day of Resurrection and Allah's judgement on that Day 563
The Severe Punishment for the Disbelievers 588
The Story of Musa and Fir`awn 541
Musa was supported by a believing Man from Fir`awn's Family 490
How Fir`awn mocked the Lord of Musa 538
More of what the Believer from Fir`awn's Family said 503
The Conclusion of the Believer's Words, and the ultimate Destiny of both Parties 525
Proof of the Torment of the Grave 759
The Dispute of the People of Hell 554
The Victory of the Messengers and the Believers 496
Indication that the Messenger and the Believers will prevail just as Musa and the Children of Israel prevailed 619
Life after Death 628
The Command to call upon Allah By His grace and kindness, 556
Signs of the Power and Oneness of Allah 662
The Prohibition of Shirk, the Order for Tawhid, and the Evidence 525
The End of Those Who dispute and deny the Signs of Allah 496
The Command to be Patient and Good News of Victory 531
The Cattle are also a Blessing from Allah and a Sign from Him 621
The Lesson to be learned from what happened to Those Who Came before 498
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