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37. As-Saffaat (The Rangers, 182 verses)
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The Virtues of Surat As-Saffat 437
The angels witness to the Oneness of Allah. 390
The One True God is Allah 410
The Adornment and Protection of the Heaven comes from Allah 440
The Certainty of Life after Death 371
The Day of Recompense 411
The arguing of the Idolators on the Day of Resurrection 422
The Punishment of the Idolators and the Reward of the sincere Believers 376
The gathering of the People of Paradise, and the exchange between One of Them and His Counterpart in Hell, and His Grati *** 411
The Story of Two Israelites 367
The Tree of Zaqqum and its Companions 961
Nuh and His People 369
The Story of Ibrahim and His People 608
Ibrahim's Emigration, the Test of the Sacrifice of Isma`il, and how Allah blessed Him 415
Reports which state that the One Who was to be sacrificed was Isma`il, and that this is Correct without a Doubt 420
Musa and Harun 426
The Destruction of the People of Lut (Lot) 440
The Story of Yunus 581
Refutation of Those Who attribute Children to Allah and say that the Angels are His Daughters 435
No One believes what the Idolators say except Those Who are even more misguided than They 381
The Place of the Angels and Their Ranks glorify Allah 344
The Quraysh wished that They could have a Reminder as had the Men of old 398
The Promise of Victory and the Command to turn away from Idolators 376
Allah glorified Himself and states that He is far above what the lying wrongdoers say about Him; glorified and sanctifie *** 391
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