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36. Ya-Sin (Yasin, 83 verses)
Item Title Hits
The Virtues of Surah Ya Sin 898
The Messenger was sent as a Warner 846
The State of Those Who are decreed to be among the Doomed 594
The Story of the Dwellers of the Town and Their Messengers, a Lesson that Those Who belied Their Messengers were destroyed 679
Woe to the Disbelievers! 483
The Refutation of the Belief in the Transmigration of Souls 435
Proof of the Creator of the Universe and of Life after Death 515
Among the Signs of the Might and Power of Allah are the Night and Day, and the Sun and Moon 457
Among the Signs of Allah is that He carried Them in the laden Ship 507
The Misguidance of the Idolators 531
The Disbelievers thought that the Day of Resurrection would never come to pass 596
The Trumpet Blast of the Resurrection 494
The Life of the People of Paradise 475
The Isolation of the Disbelievers and Their Rebuke on the Day of Resurrection 475
The Mouths of the Disbelievers will be sealed on the Day of Resurrection 412
Allah tells us that the longer the son of Adam lives, the more he becomes weak after being strong, and incapable after b *** 482
Allah does not teach His Messenger Poetry 667
There is a Sign and a Blessing in Cattle 499
The gods of the Idolators are not able to help Them 490
Consolation for the Mercy to the Worlds 511
The Denial of Life after Death, and the Refutation of this Idea 492
Allah points out His great might and power in that He created the seven heavens with all their stars and planets, and th *** 555
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