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34. Saba (The Saba, 54 verses)
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Which was revealed in Makkah 389
All Praise and the Knowledge of the Unseen belong to Allah Alone 411
The Hour will come so that each Person will be rewarded or punished in accordance with His Deeds 407
The Disbelievers' Denial of Life after Death, and the Refutation of Their View 475
The Favors which Allah bestowed upon Dawud 493
The Favors which Allah bestowed upon Sulayman 553
The Death of Sulayman 633
The Disbelief of Saba' (Sheba) and Their Punishment 561
The Dam of Ma'arib and the Flood 704
The Trade of Saba' and Their Destruction 472
How Iblis' thought about the Disbeliever proved True 533
The Helplessness of the gods of the Idolators Here 443
Allah has no partner in anything whatsoever 685
The Prophet was sent to all of Mankind Allah says to His servant and Messenger Muhammad : 474
How the Disbelievers asked about when the Resurrection would happen, and the Response to Them Allah tells us how the dis *** 453
How the Disbelievers have agreed in this World to deny the Truth, and how They will dispute with One Another on the Day *** 440
How Those Who lived a Life of Luxury disbelieved in the Messengers and were misled by Their pursuit of Wealth and Children 481
The Angels will disown Their Worshippers on the Day of Resurrection 539
The Saying of the Disbelievers about the Prophets, and its refutation 514
Refutation of Their Accusation that the Prophet was Insane 469
I do not ask for any Reward for conveying the Message 472
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