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27. An-Naml (The Ant, 93 verses)
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Which was revealed in Makkah 495
The Qur'an is Guidance and Glad Tidings for the Believers, a Warning to the Disbelievers, and it is from Allah 576
The Story of Musa and the End of Fir`awn 1310
Dawud and Sulayman (peace be upon them), the organization of Sulayman's Troops and His passage through the Valley of the *** 638
The Absence of the Hoopoe 573
How the Hoopoe came before Sulayman and told Him about Saba' 578
Sulayman's Letter to Bilqis 684
Bilqis consults with Her Chiefs 622
The Gift and the Response of Sulayman 609
How the Throne of Bilqis was brought in an Instant 2207
The Test of Bilqis 847
Verily, it is a Sarh Mumarrad of Qawarir Sarh means a palace or any lofty construction. 656
Salih and Thamud 554
The Plot of the Mischief-Makers and the End of the People of Thamud 533
Lut and His People 664
The Command to praise Allah and send Blessings on His Messengers 524
The Story of a Mujahid who fought for the sake of Allah 517
The One Who knows the Unseen is Allah 489
Scepticism about the Resurrection and Its Refutation 607
The Qur'an tells the Story of the Differences among the Children of Israel, and Allah judges between Them 550
The Command to put One's Trust in Allah and to convey the Message 1084
The Emergence of the Beast of the Earth 1719
Another Hadith 823
Another Hadith 699
Another Hadith 614
Another Hadith 594
Gathering the Wrongdoers on the Day of Resurrection 545
The Terrors of the Day of Resurrection, the Rewards for Good Deeds and the Punishments for Evil Deeds 493
The Command to worship Allah and to call People with the Qur'an 531
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