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26. Ash-Shu'ara (The Poets, 227 verses)
Item Title Hits
Which was revealed in Makkah 443
The Qur'an and the Disbelievers turning away; 446
Between Musa and Fir`awn 428
Allah tells us about the disbelief, rebellion, oppression and denial of Fir`awn, as He says: 409
After the Rational Proof, Fir`awn resorts to Force 391
Between Musa, peace be upon him, and the Sorcerers Allah describes the actual encounter between Musa, peace be upon him, *** 397
Between Fir`awn and the Sorcerers 399
The Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt 681
Fir`awn's Pursuit and Expulsion of the Children of Israel, and how He and His People were drowned 516
How the Close Friend of Allah, Ibrahim spoke out against Shirk 561
Ibrahim mentions Allah's Kindness towards Him 985
The Prayer of Ibrahim for Himself and for His Father 412
Those Who have Taqwa and the Astray on the Day of Resurrection, and the Arguments and Sorrow of the Erring 495
Nuh's preaching to His People, and Their Response 425
The Demand of the People of Nuh and His Response 407
His People's Threat, Nuh's Prayer against Them, and Their Destruction 436
Hud's preaching to His People `Ad 485
The Response of the People of Hud, and Their Punishment 401
Salih and the People of Thamud 509
A Reminder to Them of their Circumstances and the Blessings 436
The Response of Thamud, Their Demand for a Sign, and Their Punishment 431
Lut and His Call 414
Lut's Denunciation of His People's Deeds, Their Response and Their Punishment 503
Shu`ayb and His Preaching to the Dwellers of Al-Aykah 501
The Command to give Full Measure 458
The Response of Shu`ayb's People, Their Disbelief in Him and the coming of the Punishment upon Them 437
The Qur'an was revealed by Allah 400
The Qur'an was mentioned in the Previous Scriptures 543
The Intense Disbelief of Quraysh 497
The Deniers will never believe until They see the Torment 455
The Qur'an was brought down by Jibril, not Shaytan 444
The Command to warn His Tribe of near Kindred 408
Refutation of the Fabrications of the Idolators 423
Refutation of the Claim that the Prophet was a Poet 402
The Exception of the Poets of Islam 416
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