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21. Al-Anbiya (The Prophets, 112 verses)
Item Title Hits
The Virtues of Surat Al-Anbiya' 586
The Hour is at hand but People are heedless 462
The Disbelievers' Ideas about the Qur'an and the Messenger ; their demand for a Sign and the Refutation of that 438
The Messengers are no more than Human Beings 467
The Virtue of the Qur'an Here 421
How the Evildoers were destroyed 461
Creation was made with Justice and Wisdom 418
Everything belongs to Allah and serves Him 473
Refutation of false gods 495
The Refutation of Those Who claim that the Angels are the Daughters of Allah; description of their Deeds and Status 735
The Signs of Allah in the Heavens and the Earth and in the Night and the Day 536
In everything there is a Sign of Him, showing that He is One. 511
No One has been granted Immortality in this World 591
How the Idolators mocked the Prophet Allah tells His Prophet : 505
The Idolators seek to hasten on the Punishment 406
The Lessons to be learned from Those Who mocked the Messengers in the Past 421
How the Idolators are deceived by their long and luxurious Lives in this World, and the Explanation of the Truth 433
The Revelation of the Tawrah and the Qur'an 484
The Story of Ibrahim and his People 451
How Ibrahim broke the Idols 519
The People's admission of their gods' incapability, and Ibrahim's preaching 458
How Ibrahim was thrown into the Fire and how Allah controlled it 774
The Migration of Ibrahim to Ash-Sham (Greater Syria), accompanied by Lut 419
The Prophet Lut 464
Nuh and His People 394
Dawud and Sulayman and the Signs which They were given; the Story of the People whose Sheep pastured at Night in the Field 537
The Power of Sulayman is unparalleled 425
The Prophet Ayyub Allah tells us about Ayyub (Job), and the trials that struck him, affecting his wealth, children and p *** 709
Yunus 528
Zakariyya and Yahya 452
`Isa and Maryam the True Believer 464
Mankind is One Ummah 481
Those who have been destroyed, will never return to this World. 399
Ya'juj and Ma'juj 750
The Idolators and their gods are Fuel for Hell 445
The State of the Blessed 379
The Heavens will be rolled up on the Day of Resurrection 416
The Earth will be inherited by the Righteous 444
Muhammad is a Mercy to the Worlds 430
The main Objective of Revelation is that Allah be worshipped 428
No one knows when the Hour will come 493
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