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19. Maryam (Marium, 98 verses)
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Which was revealed in Makkah 436
The Story of Zakariyya and His Supplication for a Son The discussion about the separate letters has already preceded at *** 485
The acceptance of His Supplication 437
His amazement after the acceptance of His Supplication 400
The Sign of the Pregnancy 640
The Birth of the Boy and His Characteristics 497
The Story of Maryam and Al-Masih (`Isa) 2584
The Conception and the Birth 1261
What was said to Her after the Birth Some reciters read the Ayah as, (مَنْ تَحتَها) 767
Maryam with Al-Masih before the People, Their Rejection of Her and His Reply to Them 553
`Isa is the Servant of Allah and not His Son 541
`Isa commanded the Worship of Allah Alone, then the People differed after Him 486
The Disbeliever's warning of the Day of Distress 488
Ibrahim's Admonition of His Father 452
The Reply of Ibrahim's Father 412
The Reply of Allah's Friend (Khalil) 501
Allah gave Ibrahim Ishaq and Ya`qub 449
Mentioning Musa and Harun 745
Mentioning Isma`il 439
Mentioning Idris 439
These Prophets are the Chosen Ones 509
They were succeeded by Wicked People and Good People 457
The Description of the Gardens of the Truthful and Those Who repent 395
The Angels do not descend, except by Allah's Command 442
Man's Amazement about Life after Death and the Refutation against this Amazement 478
Everyone will be brought to Hell, then the Righteous will be saved 408
The Disbelievers boast over Their good Fortune in the World 484
The Rebellious Person is given Respite but He is not forgotten 416
Increasing Guidance of Those Who are guided 470
Refuting the Disbelievers Who claim that They will be given Wealth and Children in the Hereafter 405
The Idols of the Polytheists will deny Their Worship 394
The Power of the Devils over the Disbelievers 437
The Condition of the Righteous and the Criminals on the Day of Resurrection 412
The Stern Rejection of attributing a Son to Allah 392
Allah places Love of the Righteous People in the Hearts 440
The Qur'an descended to give Glad Tidings and to warn 458
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