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18. Al-Kahf (The Cave, 110 verses)
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What has been mentioned about the Virtues of this Surah and the first and last ten Ayat, which provide protection from t *** 599
The Revelation of the Qur'an brings both Good News and a Warning 595
Reason why this Surah was revealed 747
Do not feel sorry because the Idolators do not believe Allah consoles His Messenger for his sorrow over the idolators be *** 714
This World is the Place of Trial Then Allah tells us that He has made this world a temporary abode, adorned with transie *** 531
The Story of the People of Al-Kahf Here Allah tells us about the story of the people of Al-Kahf in brief and general ter *** 1331
Their Belief in Allah and their Retreat from their People 531
The Location of the Cave This indicates that the entrance to the cave faced north, because Allah tells us that when the *** 467
Their Sleep in the Cave 577
Their awakening and sending One of Themselves to buy Food Allah says: `just as We caused them to sleep, We resurrected t *** 505
How the People of the City came to know about Them; building a Memorial over the Cave 588
Their Number 530
Saying "If Allah wills" when determining to do Something in the Future 452
The Length of their Stay in the Cave 504
The Command to recite the Qur'an and to patiently keep Company with the Believers 436
The Truth is from Allah, and the Punishment of Those Who do not believe in it 517
The Reward of those Who believe and do Righteous Deeds 533
The Example of the Rich Idolators and the Poor Muslims 415
The Response of the Poor Believer 439
The Evil Results of Kufr 482
The Parable of the Worldly Life 449
Between Wealth and Good Deeds 419
The Major Terrors of the Hour 418
The Story of Adam and Iblis 510
The gods of the Idolators did not witness the Creation of anything, not even Themselves 408
Their Partners are not able to respond and the Criminals are brought to the Fire 414
Examples put forth in the Qur'an 420
The Rebellion of the Disbelievers 539
The Worst People are Those Who turn away after being reminded 534
The Story of Musa and Al-Khidr 762
Musa meeting with Al-Khidr and accompanying Him 652
Damaging the Boat 492
The Story of killing the Boy 529
The Story of repairing the Wall Allah tells us that 435
Interpretations of why the Ship was damaged 453
Interpretation of why the Boy was killed 417
Interpretation of why the Wall was repaired for no Charge 499
Was Al-Khidr a Prophet 502
Why he was called Al-Khidr 440
The Story of Dhul-Qarnayn Allah says to His Prophet , 635
His traveling and reaching the Place where the Sun sets (the West) 1190
His Journey East 500
His Journey to the Land of Ya'juj and Ma'juj, and building the Barrier 443
The Barrier restrains Them, but It will be breached when the Hour draws nigh 492
Hell will be displayed before the Disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection 421
The Greatest Losers in respect of (Their) Deeds 737
The Reward of the Righteous Believers 458
The Words of the Lord can never be finished 906
Muhammad is a Human Being and a Messenger, and the God is One 538
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