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13. Ar-Ra'd (The Thunder, 43 verses)
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Which was revealed in Makkah 546
The Qur'an is Allah's Kalam (Speech) 859
Clarifying Allah's Perfect Ability 596
Al-Istawa', Rising above the Throne 642
Allah subjected the Sun and the Moon to rotate continuously 925
Allah's Signs on the Earth 806
Denying Resurrection after Death, is Strange 492
The Disbelievers ask for the Punishment to be delivered now! 593
The Idolators ask for a Miracle 566
Allah is All-Knower of Al-Ghayb (Unseen) 635
Allah's Knowledge encompasses all Things Apparent and Hidden 690
The Guardian Angels 895
Clouds, Thunder and Lightning are Signs of Allah's Power 981
Supplicating to Allah upon hearing Ar-Ra`d (Thunder) 579
A Parable for the Weakness of the False Gods of the Polytheists 578
Everything prostrates unto Allah 523
Affirming Tawhid 567
Two Parables proving that Truth remains and Falsehood perishes 654
The Qur'an and the Sunnah contain Parables that use Water and Fire 559
Reward of the Blessed and Wretched Ones 524
The Believer and the Disbeliever are never Equal 550
Qualities of the Blessed Ones, which will lead to Paradise 652
Characteristics of the Wretched Ones which will lead to the Curse and the Evil Home 538
Increase and Decrease in Provision is in Allah's Hand 641
Disbelievers ask for Miracles, Allah's Response to Them 677
The Believer's Heart finds Comfort in the Remembrance of Allah 855
The Meaning of Tuba 1723
Our Prophet was sent to recite and call to Allah's Revelation 591
Virtues of the Qur'an and the Denial of Disbelievers 515
Comforting the Messenger of Allah 534
There is no Similarity between Allah and False Deities in any Respect 576
Punishment of the Disbelievers and Reward of the Pious Believers 650
The Truthful Ones from among the People of the Scriptures rejoice at what Allah has revealed to Muhammad 625
All Prophets and Messengers were Humans 558
No Prophet can bring a Miracle except by Allah's Leave 578
Meaning of Allah blotting out what He wills and confirming what He wills of the Book 504
Punishment is by Allah, and the Messenger's Job is only to convey the Message 503
The Disbelievers plot, but the Believers gain the Good End 559
Allah and those who have Knowledge of the Scripture are Sufficient as Witness to the Message of the Prophet 591
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