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11. Hud (The Holy Prophet, 123 verses)
Item Title Hits
Surah Hud made the Prophet's Hair turn Gray 746
The Qur'an and its Call to (worship) Allah Alone 630
Allah is Aware of All Things 497
Allah is Responsible for the Provisions of All Creatures 502
Allah created the Heavens and the Earth in Six Days 471
The Polytheists hasten their Torment by arguing against Resurrection after Death 428
The Meanings of the Word Ummah 815
The changing of Man's Attitude in Happiness and Hardship 650
The Messenger grieving by the Statements of the Polytheists, and His Gratification 464
An Explanation concerning the Miracle of the Qur'an 431
Whoever wants the Worldly Life, then He will have no Share of the Hereafter 475
The One Who believes in the Qur'an is upon Clear Proof from His Lord 445
Every Hadith is confirmed by the Qur'an 425
Those Who invent Lies against Allah and hinder Others from His Path are the Greatest Losers 468
Rewarding the People of Faith 467
The Parable of the Believers and the Disbelievers 564
The Story of Nuh and His Conversation with His People 502
The Response of Nuh 582
The People's Request of Nuh to bring the Torment and His Response to Them 508
An Interruption to verify the Truthfulness of the Prophet 506
The Revelation to Nuh concerning what would happen to the People and the Command to prepare for It 585
The beginning of the Flood and Nuh loads Every Creature in Pairs upon the Ship 536
The riding upon the Ship and Its sailing through the huge Waves 578
The Story of the drowning of Nuh's Disbelieving Son 424
The End of the Flood 429
A Return to the Story of the Son of Nuh and mentioning what transpired between Nuh and Allah concerning Him 379
The Command to descend from the Ship with Peace and Blessings 505
The Explanation of These Stories is a Proof of the Revelation of Allah to His Messenger 429
The Story of Prophet Hud and the People of `Ad 442
The Conversation between (the People of) `Ad and Hud 425
The Destruction of the People of `Ad and the Salvation of Those among Them Who believed 393
The Story of Salih and the People of Thamud 528
The Conversation between Salih and the People of Thamud 431
The Coming of the Angels to Ibrahim and Their Glad Tidings to Him of Ishaq and Ya`qub 419
The Dispute of Ibrahim over the People of Lut 486
The Coming of the Angels to Lut, His Grief, and His Discussion with His People 447
Lut's Inability, His Desire for Strength and the Angels' Informing Him of the Reality 402
The Town of Lut's People is overturned and Their Destruction 662
The Story of the People of Madyan and the Call of Shu`ayb 899
The Response of Shu`ayb's People 443
Shu`ayb's Refutation of His People 484
The Response of Shu`ayb's People 409
Shu`ayb's Refutation of His People 446
Shu`ayb's threatening of His People When the Prophet of Allah, Shu`ayb, despaired of their response to him, he said, "O *** 421
The Story of Musa and Fir`awn 454
The Lesson taken from the Destroyed Towns 442
The Destruction of the Towns is a Proof of the Establishment of the Hour (Judgement) 418
The Condition of the Wretched People and their Destination 410
The Condition of the Happy People and their Destination 405
Associating Partners with Allah is no doubt Misguidance 448
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