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4. An-Nisa (The Women, 176 verses)
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Virtues of Surat An-Nis 612
The Command to have Taqwa, a Reminder about Creation, and Being Kind to Relatives 655
Protecting the Property of the Orphans 638
The Prohibition of Marrying Female Orphans Without Giving a Dowry 857
The Permission to Marry Four Women 860
Marrying Only One Wife When One Fears He Might not Do Justice to His Wives 767
Giving the Dowry is Obligatory 523
Holding the Property of the Unwise in Escrow 517
Spending on the Unwise with Fairness 544
Giving Back the Property of the Orphans When They Reach Adulthood 508
Poor Caretakers are Allowed to Wisely Spend from the Money of the Orphan Under Their Care, to Compensate for Their Work 530
The Necessity of Surrendering the Inheritance According to the Portions that Allah Ordained 493
Observing Fairness in the Will 522
A Stern Warning Against Those Who Use Up the Orphan's Wealth 525
Learning the Various Shares of the Inheritance is Encouraged 468
The Reason Behind Revealing Ayah 4:11 508
Males Get Two Times the Share of Females for Inheritance 499
The Share of the Females When They Are the Only Eligible Heirs 533
Share of the Parents in the Inheritance 400
First the Debts are Paid Off, then the Will, then the Fixed Inheritance 495
Share of the Spouses in the Inheritance 457
The Meaning of Kalalah 627
The Ruling Concerning Children of the Mother From Other Than the Deceased's Father 498
Warning Against Transgressing the Limits for Inheritance 505
The Adulteress is Confined in her House; A Command Later Abrogated 571
Repentance is Accepted Until one Faces death 523
Meaning of `Inheriting Women Against Their Will 548
Women Should not Be Treated with Harshness 509
Live With Women Honorably 515
The Prohibition of Taking Back the Dowry 701
Marrying the Wife of the Father is Prohibited 522
Degrees of Women Never Eligible for One to Marry 479
`Suckling' that Establishes Prohibition for Marriage 528
The Stepdaughter is Prohibited in Marriage Even if She Was Not Under the Guardianship of Her Stepfather 524
Meaning of `gone in unto them 464
Prohibiting the Daughter-in-Law for Marriage 567
A Doubt and Rebuttal 468
The Prohibition of Taking Two Sisters as Rival Wives 505
Forbidding Women Already Married, Except for Female Slaves 645
The Permission to Marry All Other Women 616
Prohibiting the Mut`ah of Marriage 709
Marrying a Female Slave, if One Cannot Marry a Free Woman 509
The Slave Girl's Punishment for Adultery is Half that of a Free Unmarried Woman 1183
Prohibiting Unlawfully Earned Money 489
The Option to Buy or Sell Before Parting, is Part of `Mutual Consent' in Trading 506
Forbidding Murder and Suicide 642
Minor Sins Will be Pardoned if One Refrains from Major Sins 473
The Seven Destructive Sins 552
Do Not Wish for the Things Which Allah has Made Some Others to Excel In 735
Qualities of the Righteous Wife 632
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